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5 Customer Support Staffing Strategies

Having a great customer support team is easier said than done. Call centers experience high turnover rates, which sometimes reach 50% annually. Constantly finding, hiring,
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5 Reasons For & Against Tiered Support – from Real Customer Support Teams

There have been rumblings in the space claiming that tiered support is dead. What do real customer support experts think about this? We asked them.
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Making Customer Support Management Profitable

Launching and selling great products or services for any successful brand is only half the battle because offering exceptional customer service is equally important.  After
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Scaling Digital Engagement in Personal Ways

If you’re ready to build strong, lasting relationships with customers, but you aren’t sure where to begin, it’s all about prioritizing your customers and employees
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4 Ways Managers can Train More Effectively

Managing a team is daunting. However, when it comes to training teams, nearly 75% of managers are unhappy because the training offered didn’t accomplish goals.
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Developing Key Talent In New Employees

Any company that wants to succeed in the new digital economy can do so by focusing on its most valuable assets—employees. Talent development involves strategically
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